Hand Car Wash East Bowral

Looking for a cheap Hand Car Wash in East Bowral? Make use of Bowral Car Wash to schedule a mobile car wash. It’s Bowral’s preferred mobile car wash because it’s the most convenient, economical, and environmentally responsible way to wash your vehicle. The mobile car cleaning service from Bowral Car Wash adapts to your schedule and location. Bowral Car Wash will offer a superior service at an affordable cost, whether you need your car’s interior or exterior cleaned.

Bring the shine to your car

We’ll clean your paint, glass, tyres, wheels, and exhaust tip of all mud and grime. Have your car shine again from top to bottom and from front to rear. If you regularly use your car or use it for work where you need to have a flashy outside, this basic hand car wash service will be helpful.

Our Hand Car Wash Service:

From Bumper To Exhaust

The Basic Outside wash is the first step in our Hand Wash service, which also includes further attention to the interior surfaces. This service is excellent for keeping your automobile in top shape and ensuring that it always looks sharp.

Inside And Outside Service

The first thing we’ll do is clean the paint, glass, plastic trim, wheels, chrome, and exhaust tip. Additionally, we’ll gently hand and blow dry the exterior of your car, shine the tyres, vacuum the seats, carpet, and boot, clean the interior windows and mirrors, and dust all of the interior surfaces.

Surfaces Inside

Your interior dash, console, and door surfaces are safely cleaned using a microfiber cloth and chemicals from a well-known Australian-owned company. These surfaces are left sparkling and clean by the fluid.

Mirrors And Glass

The interior of your windscreen and other interior windows will be our next area of concentration. We’ll also pay attention to any vanity mirrors and the rearview mirror. If your sunroof is made of glass, that will also be cleaned.


Finally, using a damp cloth, dust your cup holders, steering wheel, gear shifts, hand brake, door trims, leather or vinyl seats, dashboard, center console, and so on. Dusting vents and equipment requires the use of a special vent brush.

How do you Always keep your car shining?

If your car is damaged and you want to always keep your car shining so can go for Car Ceramic Coating East Bowral. where your car can be kept clean, bright, and protected by ceramic coating. The Ceramic Coating is designed to produce an incredibly hard candy shine with extraordinary slickness by chemically adhering to your paint. Water-repellent, UV-resistant, anti-theft, chemical-resistant, oxidation- and corrosion-resistant

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