Paint Correction Stage Explained Precisely

Everything You Need To Know About Car Paint Correction Stages

Most people will directly visit Bowral Car Wash and ask for services like Car Paint Protection Bowral, but when we talk about what paint correction stage you need, they need to be more knowledgeable.

If you are also clueless about the different stages of car paint correction,then this is a must-read blog for you. Here we will discuss the various stages and when you should opt for car paint correction services.

All About Car Paint Correction

 Car Paint Correction is one such detailing service with the help of which you can remove scratches, hazing issues, swirl marks, and many more such things that affect the overall texture and shine of your car’s paint.

The Car Paint Correction takes place on the clear coat. Car paint correction occurs with the help of a compound and various machines.

All these machines and products are applied on the clear coat of your car’s paint, making the final look smooth and bringing the shine back.

Different Stages of Car Paint Correction

 Car paint correction takes place in three different stages, which are as follows:

Stage 1:

The first stage of car paint correction should be used by those who want to enhance the shine of their car’s paint and don’t have any special swirl marks or scratches on their paint.

In the first stage, the car goes through a hand car wash Bowral and later, a single type of polish and pad is used for the whole car, with the help of which the overall color of your car enhances.

Stage 2:

In stage 2, car paint correction, you can notice two different types of polish and pads are used throughout the process. This process can help you get rid of light scratches and marks on your car’s paint.

Firstly the cutting polish is used on the car, with the help of which all the scratches and swirl marks are removed. Once that is done, the second polish and pad are used, which helps in refining the compound procedure.

This second polish reduces or removes any marks. Later, a paint sealant or wax locks the shine of your car’s paint.

Stage 3:

 If your car has several heavy scratches, swirl marks, and many paint defects, you should opt for stage 3 car paint correction. In this procedure, three different types of polish and pad sets are used, although if your car has heavy scratches, the service provider can also use wet sanding to get rid of them.

With the help of all three different polish and pad combinations, you can quickly get rid of heavy to light scratches and marks. Later it can also help you refine the overall color.

At last, the procedure will end with wax or paint sealant.


Knowing what stage of car paint correction your car needs is bliss; in this blog, we have discussed everything about it. Contact Bowral Car Wash for the best Car Paint Correction services.