Hand Car Washing Is Better Than Automatic Car Washing

Why go for a Hand Car Wash?

Your car is your beloved investment, so you would want to go for the best professional car detailing for your prized possession’s protection. Going for a personal approach is appropriate when it comes to getting your car detailed as it provides a new look and a fresh feel to it, which consequently enhances its resale value and, at the same time, protects the paintwork from wear and tear.

An automated car wash is cheaper than personalised detailing, but remember that it does not bring the car back in the form when you first got it home. If you go for professional car detailing, however, which we provide here at Bowral Car Wash, the first Hand Car Wash in Bowral, your vehicle will be in the experienced hands of our expert detailers using top-notch tools and products to wash, polish and protect your vehicle, bringing it back to its pristine original state. 

Car Detailing in a Nutshell

Professional car detailing is the subtle art of revitalising a car to its brand-new showroom-like condition. Detailing goes far beyond a simple automated car wash. Instead, it is a labour-intensive and thorough process where a detailing technician precisely cleans and polishes your vehicle’s interior and exterior, including complex hard-to-reach areas like trunk jambs and wheel wells. 

While a mechanised car wash cleans only the exterior of a car, car detailing ensures the overall preservation of the automobile ranging from stain removals, deodorising blemishes, and renewing interiors to restoring paintwork. 

What does the customer get?

Here at Bowral Car Wash, the best Car Paint Protection in Bowral, you can avail a plethora of services if you wish to get the best car detailing experience. We offer interior detailing and a complete detailing package which includes interior and exterior detailing services for your vehicle. 

Interior detailing service includes: 

  • A thorough vacuum of all mats, footwells, seats and boot
  • Leather seat cleaning and conditioning treatments
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Cleaning and Conditioning of dashboard and internal trims
  • Interior glass cleaning to remove smears and streaks

Exterior detailing service includes: 

  • Wheel cleaning 
  • Tyre shine
  • Clay bar and buffing restoration 
  • Protective wax polish to clean and enhance paintwork 
  • Conditioning of external trims
  • Exterior glass cleaning 

How much does car detailing cost? 


Typically ranging from $50 to $205, the cost for your car detailing may vary between this range based on the services you want to avail, the pancake you choose and your car’s size and condition. 

Our Packages include:

  • Bowral Express Wash
  • Bowral Platinum
  • Bowral Mini Detail 
  • Bowral Interior Detail 

While we completely understand that money is an essential factor, it should not be the only factor when considering the care of your vehicle. Services like these are best imparted by the careful and delicate human hand, which outweighs the cheaper rates of an automated car wash. Therefore, it is best to go for professional car detailing for better and long-lasting results.

Our services also include Ceramic Car Paint Protection that protects cars from any damage to the paint. It is applied on vehicles by the experts here at Bowral Car Wash so you don’t have to worry about the constant wear and tear of your car’s paint. In addition, the ceramic coating aims to prevent dirt, grime and stains from appearing on the paint job that ruins the car’s exterior.